i360 is a data and technology platform that provides political campaigns and organizations with comprehensive data solutions and voter targeting capabilities.

Data Integration

i360 is a data and technology platform that provides political campaigns and organizations with comprehensive data solutions and voter targeting capabilities.

Data Integration

App Overview

The i360 app in the IQM Marketplace is designed to provide customers with access to valuable political data for their advertising and campaign management needs. i360 is a renowned data and technology provider specializing in political data, offering comprehensive voter information, constituent data, and electoral insights. With the i360 app, customers within the DSP platform can leverage the power of political data to inform their advertising strategies and target specific voter segments effectively. The app enables customers to access a vast database of voter profiles, including demographic information, political affiliation, past voting behavior, and issue preferences. This rich dataset allows political advertisers to tailor their messages and campaigns to resonate with their target audience, driving greater engagement and impact. By integrating the i360 app into the IQM Marketplace Marketplace, customers gain convenient access to i360's extensive political data resources, empowering them to make data-driven decisions in their political advertising efforts. They can leverage i360's data to build precise voter segments, identify key swing voters, and execute targeted advertising campaigns that align with specific political objectives. The i360 app enhances the effectiveness of political advertising within the DSP platform, enabling customers to optimize their outreach and maximize their campaign's impact. In summary, the i360 app in the IQM Marketplace provides customers with access to comprehensive political data to enhance their political advertising and campaign management efforts. By utilizing i360's vast voter database and electoral insights, customers can target specific voter segments, tailor their messages, and optimize their political campaigns within the DSP platform. This empowers customers to make informed decisions and drive meaningful engagement with their target audience, ultimately contributing to the success of their political advertising initiatives.


Key Benefits

Access to Comprehensive Political Data

The i360 data app on IQM Marketplace provides advertisers with unparalleled access to comprehensive political data. This includes voter data and constituent data, allowing advertisers to gain deep insights into political preferences, demographics, and behavior patterns. By leveraging i360 data, advertisers can better understand and target their political audience, enabling them to create more relevant and impactful campaigns.

Enhanced Audience Segmentation and Targeting

With the i360 data app, advertisers can harness advanced audience segmentation capabilities. The app offers pre-curated industry-specific audience segments for various political, healthcare, retail, travel, B2B, finance, and sensitive industries. This allows advertisers to precisely target their campaigns based on specific industry affiliations and interests. By leveraging i360 data, advertisers can optimize their audience targeting strategies and deliver personalized messages that resonate with their target audience.

How i360 works with IQM?

Find your Audience

"By integrating i360 with IQM Marketplace platform you can find and match Audiences for your campaigns. This allows you to precisely target your campaigns. The i360 app on the IQM Marketplace platform then allows you to create Insights for your Audiences to know your target demographic."


Target your Audience

"You can Target your Audience with the i360 app on the IQM Marketplace platform. You can then Visualize and Analyse it in a Insights, Audience, Report or Dashboard app. These features can help you gain deeper insights into your marketing performance and make data-driven decisions to optimize your campaigns for success."



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