Quickly and easily view performances


Quickly and easily view performances

The Applift dashboard app streamlines data and displays key information in a customizable, visual format, allowing users to quickly monitor their campaigns and make informed decisions. By providing a personalized experience, users can prioritize data and track relevant metrics, enabling them to stay on top of their business and respond quickly to changes.

Custom Dashboard

Customize Your Data. Streamline Your Decisions

The Applift Dashboard app offers a wide range of customization options, allowing users to tailor the dashboard to their specific needs. With a simple interface, users can choose which data to display, how it is presented, and what metrics to track.

  • Customize dashboard to specific needs

  • Choose which data to display

  • Present data in preferred format

  • Track relevant metrics

  • Create personalized dashboard for informed decisions

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Custom Dashboard

Reporting Shortcut

Effortlessly access real-time reporting data

Applift Dashboard app provides real-time reporting data in a clear, visual format, eliminating the need for users to switch between different tools. This saves time and improves efficiency, providing users with a comprehensive understanding of their data.

  • Quick and easy reporting

  • All In One dashboard

  • Real-time data updates

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Reporting Shortcut

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30+ metrics

Track KPIs easily with Applift Dashboard

The Applift Dashboard app provides over 30 important metrics for users to monitor KPIs, with customizable dashboard options. Real-time updates help identify trends and issues. Stay informed and make informed decisions.

  • 30+ metrics accessible instantly Real-time updates

  • Customizable dashboard for personalized metric tracking

  • Helps users make informed decisions and stay on top of performance

30+ metrics

Separate views for admin and customers

Tailored views for optimized performance tracking

The Applift Dashboard app provides separate views for admins and customers, allowing them to access and view data that is relevant to their specific needs. This ensures everyone has the information they need to make informed decisions and drive success.

  • Comprehensive view of all campaigns across all customers for Admins

  • Dedicated view of one's campaigns for advertisers

  • Admins can monitor and optimize performance across their entire portfolio

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Separate views for admin and customers

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